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You Told Me I Was Different

I never saw us working out. We were as different as night and day.

But something about you pierced my heart, so I couldn’t walk away.


Initially, my guard was up. I was scared of another goodbye.

But you told me I was different and asked me to give us a try.

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What Puts The “Honor” In Maid Of Honor

Within the last nine months, my three closest friends have all gotten engaged. One is already married, the other two will be saying “I do” by the end of March, and in the two weddings to come, I am the Maid of Honor. This means chiffon is all over my closet, save-the-dates are covering my fridge, and everything else is on my Pinterest boards. I’m seriously thinking about taking notes the next time I watch J.Lo in “The Wedding Planner.”

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I Want Someone Who Will Hold My Hand Through Every Stage Of Life

I have a confession to make. You’re probably going to make fun of me when I say this, but I don’t really care because I’m not going to change.

I am a Nicholas Sparks FANATIC. 

I have read every single book he’s ever written (except the newest one I was saving for my trip to the beach this weekend.) And I have seen every single movie that has been derived from his books, to the point where I can annoyingly quote them whenever I decide to watch one.

With that being said, you can imagine how skewed my expectations of love were for the longest time. Mr. Sparks definitely sets the bar high when it comes to romance and “relationships”, if that’s what you want to call what happens in his books. But a little over three years ago, something happened that made me take a step back and examine my outlook on love.

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Don’t Worry When God’s Plans Aren’t Your Plans

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was my first “big girl job” (aka, I wasn’t working at an ice cream shop anymore). I was the marketing assistant for a small business located down the road from where I was going to college. But I wasn’t just the marketing assistant. I was also the office custodian, which is absolutely hilarious if you know me personally. I hate to clean. I hate it with a passion. And yet it had somehow become part of my job description. Suddenly I was starting to miss the ice cream shop.

On this one particular day, I had locked myself in the women’s bathroom, partly so I could clean it and partly because I wanted to just be alone for a little while (introvert probs). And as I was cleaning one of the toilets, I started to pray. And by pray, I mean tell God how upset I was with what my life looked like at that very moment.

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A Tour Of My Apartment

Happy Friday Friends!

So I’m sitting in Starbucks and I started scrolling through the pictures on my phone when I came across the pictures of my apartment pre-renovations (aka the basement).

You see, when my best friend and I decided earlier this year not to move out and get an apartment together, my parents cut me a pretty sweet deal. They said I could turn our basement into my own apartment as long as I funded all of the renovations. Let’s just say they didn’t have to twist my arm.

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