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Don’t Worry When God’s Plans Aren’t Your Plans

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was my first “big girl job” (aka, I wasn’t working at an ice cream shop anymore). I was the marketing assistant for a small business located down the road from where I was going to college. But I wasn’t just the marketing assistant. I was also the office custodian, which is absolutely hilarious if you know me personally. I hate to clean. I hate it with a passion. And yet it had somehow become part of my job description. Suddenly I was starting to miss the ice cream shop.

On this one particular day, I had locked myself in the women’s bathroom, partly so I could clean it and partly because I wanted to just be alone for a little while (introvert probs). And as I was cleaning one of the toilets, I started to pray. And by pray, I mean tell God how upset I was with what my life looked like at that very moment.

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